The purpose of the iREMEMBER® project (as a part of E-health) is to promote independence and to build self confidence amongst people living with dementia. The project makes use of the connections between psychology and physiology in that it uses food as a tool to improve memory. It accomplishes this by using repetition as a means to remember through helping the users make associations between with food and food intake.

This technological based approach, (developed in the context of the IoT (Internet of Things) and is in the initial stages of development), creates an easy to use application that is integrated in the daily care of the person with dementia. The iREMEMBER® project will be developed with consideration to language, technical ignorance and cultural differences. The iREMEMBER® is an ongoing project (2016-) and aspects of it (focusing food-intake) have been already implemented in practice in the Municpality of Simrishamn, Southern Sweden. There is a clear involvement of student interaction in the iREMEMBER® (such as contribution to improvement development, participation in scientific publications).