The Caresam network was established in 2010 and is coordinated by the Malmö University. By providing a transnational knowledge network-based platform in research and education, CareSam aims to knowledge acquisition in the challenges and opportunties in Aging society and focus on elder issues in a Glocal context.

As a consequence of better quality and healthier lives, late modern society has to now deal with the increased human life expectancy all around the world. The growth of ageing populations indeed represents a valuable resource but is also bring challenges to a societal and economic level for society, e.g older people’s everyday life, digitization, active ageing, informal care, dementia care.

The collaboration with all stakeholders is based on joint-agreements.

The CareSam network contain of four parts:

  • CareSam® – Research and Development
  • AppSam® – Dementia care
  • iREMEMBER® – Welfare Technology
  • TechKnow® – Cross-Community Knowledge Sharing in Welfare Technology
  • AgeSam® – Education

Caresam represent a Community of Applied Research and Practice. The CareSam® network is a part of the EUREGHA European health network , the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) expert group and the Policy Area (PA) Education for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). It is also a part of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP-AHA). It covers three policy areas: education, research, and employability.

“For me in my Profession, it is very valuable to be part of the Caresam network. Reflections and cross-border shared knowledge in the practice, education and research is something I find very useful in my work. To be able to translate the results into practice from the Caresam-network is valuable in several ways”

Annika Forsgren, Head of Elderly care, Municipality of Simrishamn