CareSam represented in the following Events:

Conference in Roskilde, Denmark, June 12-14th 2019 The 9th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference

Conference in rhodos, Greece, June 5-7th 2019 The PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA)

Workshop in Klaipeda, Lithuania May, 14th 2019 – Cross-border method in the context of   development social worker’s intercultural competencies

Euregha Dec 6th 2018 in Brussels – CoR Interregional Group on Health and Well- Being “Integrated Care in Europe: the way ahead” -Regional Good Practices: AppSam – Professional support in Dementia care. Integrated Care in Europe: the way ahead, European Committee of the Regions

Workshop in Malmo Oct 25th 2018 – CareSam in collaboration with the ESF-funded DigiLittHow can collaborative learning among professionals be developed to support digitized elderly care? – Shared knowledge and experiences between Sweden and Denmark, Malmo

Workshop in Malmo Nov29th 2018 – Smart Health and Challenge based learning/Themes: Smart Health in aging, The role of social work in disaster risk reduction and within contingency systems – focusing the case of Elderly, Health innovation in the heritage sector, New objects, old age: The material culture of growing old, Digital support – How do we know that new ideas are good ideas? Supporting activities of daily living (ADL) in smart homes, Do we know what we are measuring and do we measure what we want to measure?